article by Charlotte Christopher in The Sand Mountain Reporter 
    While many kids hit the beaches during their recent spring break, Albertville fifth-grader Will Siskey chose to go to a school of a different kind. The Evans Elementary student chose to attend Paula Deen's 700 Kitchen Cooking School.

"Will applied for the school ahead of time but was turned down because he was not 16-years-of-age, which was one of the school's requirements," said his mom, Rebecca Rogers.

    Being turned down did not dissuade young Will from still wanting to go to Savannah for his spring break. After all, history is his favorite subject in school, so his trip was still on. Of course, one of the first things he wanted to do was visit Paula Deen's Restaurant and while he and his mom were at the famous restaurant, they met Bobby Dean. Impressed with the young man's questions and interest in the culinary arts, Dean decided to call his famous mom and encouraged her to accept the eleven-year-old into the classes.

"Can you believe it," said the enthusiastic future chef. "A lot of those people had their reservations in for months ahead and he just picked up the phone and I got to go after all."

    Will began cooking at an early age. His mom recalled how she would work in her grandmother's kitchen as a child and she had a lot of wonderful memories of that. She decided she wanted to pass that along to her son. At age two, Will was helping Mom with making sugar cookies and by the time he was four, his culinary skills had developed. Those skills were helpful later when his mother was involved in an automobile accident and broke her back.