article by Charlotte Christopher in The Sand Mountain Reporter
Will Siskey, an 11-year-old from Albertville who traveled to Savannah, Ga. to take cooking classes during spring break, will be holding summer cooking classes in June at The Lumpkin House.

Calling his classes Chef Kidz, Siskey will cover such topics as kitchen safety skills, basic food sanitation, healthy foods to eat, working safely and efficiently in the kitchen, in addition to having the kids making snacks and meals. Classes will be limited to 10 or 12 students.

The first class will be June 5-9 from 35 p.m. and will be for children ages 6-8. The kids will be making snacks and light meals to take home. The second class will be June 26-30 from 2:30- 5 p.m. for kids ages 9 and up. The students will be taking home a meal for four each day.

Applications for the class may be picked up at The Lumpkin House, requested by email at or call Rebecca at (256) 506-2960.

Siskey has been receiving more attention since his trip to Savannah for classes during spring break in March. Featured on the food page of this paper, he later gave a cooking demonstration at the talent show at Evans Elementary School and received a standing ovation. He was also later featured in The Huntsville Times and will appear on a television cooking show, "Today In Alabama."

"He's been getting a lot of attention," said his mom, Rebecca Rogers. "He has designed aprons and hats for all the students taking the class and is really into teaching other kids how to cook. On top of all this he received the top math award at school this year. I think all of this cooking helps improve his math skills. I think he would even have more classes, if he could, but I have to remind him I have a job, too," she said, laughing.

She added that she does appreciate The Lumpkin House allowing Will to use their kitchen to teach the classes this summer.

Rogers has always encouraged her son to be a leader and that it doesn't matter what career he chooses in life, as long as it makes him happy. She said she thinks he is excited about what he is doing and wants to share the fun of cooking with other kids.

Siskey has been described as an excellent student and is involved in sports programs and maintains a well-rounded life. He's just a young man that knows where he wants to go in life and it looks as though he's on his way.



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