The Albertville varsity boys tennis team beat Marshall County rival Arab 6-3 Thursday afternoon at the Albertville Tennis Courts.

It was the Aggies' first match of the 2010 season.
Singles results from the match were:

No. 1: A.J. York, Arab, defeated Trent Kuehnert, Albertville, 10-8

No. 2: Jackson Hardman, Arab, def. Brandon Meeks, Albertville, 10-6

No. 3: Colton Campbell, Albertville, def. Alex Tankersley, Arab, 10-1

No. 4: John Barkley, Albertville, def. Walker Vines, Arab, 10-5

No. 5: Will Siskey, Albertville, def. Colin Shipp, Arab, 10-6

No. 6: Jay Penney, Albertville, def. Preston Jacobs, Arab, 10-2

Alternate: Taylor Hooper, Albertville, def. Matt Harel, Arab, 6-2

Alternate: James Stack, Albertville, def. Nick Varano, Arab, 6-4

Doubles results from the match were:

No. 1: Kuehnert and Meeks, Albertville, def. York and Tankersley, Arab, 10-3

No. 2: Campbell and Barkley, Albertville, def. Vines and Hardman, Arab, 10-3

No. 3: Jacobs and Shipp, Arab, def. E.J. Faulks and Jordan Younghouse, Albertville, 10-10 (8-6)


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