The Albertville boys and girls tennis teams edged Marshall County rival Douglas on Monday at the Albertville Tennis Courts.

The final score of both matches was 5-4.
Results were:


No. 1 singles: Daniel Robertson, Douglas, defeated Trent Kuehnert, Albertville, 10-2

No. 2 singles: Ian Wisener, Douglas, def. Brandon Meeks, Albertville, 10-3

No. 3 singles: Colton Campbell, Albertville, def. Matt Miller, Douglas, 10-7

No. 4 singles: John Barkley, Albertville, def. Mikey McLaughlin, Douglas, 10-6

No. 5 singles: Will Siskey, Albertville, def. Dillon Baker, Douglas, 10-5

No. 6 singles: Mark Miller, Douglas, def. Jay Penny, Albertville, 10-1

No. 1 doubles: Kuehnert and Meeks, Albertville, def. Robertson and Wisener, Douglas, 10-8

No. 2 doubles: Matt Miller and McLaughlin, Douglas, def. Campbell and Barkley, Albertville, 10-10 (7-4)

No. 3 doubles: Jordan Younghouse and Penny, Albertville, def. Baker and Mark Miller, Douglas, 10-10 (7-4)

Alternate doubles: Trent Lynn and James Stack, Albertville, def. Brody Bearden and Tyler Williams, Douglas, 8-3


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