The Albertville boys and girls tennis teams posted victories over Catholic of Huntsville on Saturday at Albertville.

The Aggie boys beat the Falcons 7-2 while the AHS girls edged the Falcons 5-4.

Albertville will play host to Plainview on Thursday at 4 p.m. and will compete in the Marshall County Tournament at Guntersville on Friday.

Results from the Catholic matches were:

No. 1: Will Siskey, AHS, defeated Phil Bajoras, Catholic, 10-3

No. 2: Jay Penney, AHS, def. Logan Bajoras, Catholic, 10-5

No. 3: Jordan Younghouse, AHS, def. Roman Smith, Catholic, 10-6

No. 4: Pablo Nieves, Catholic, def. Taylor Hooper, AHS, 11-9

No. 5: John Barkley, AHS, def. Nathan Dolzorek, Catholic, 10-3

No. 6: James Stack, AHS, def. Joseph Newchurch, Catholic, 10-1


No. 1: Siskey/Barkley, AHS, def. Phil Bajoras/Logan Bajoras, 10-7

No. 2: Penney/Younghouse, AHS, def. Smith/Nieves, Catholic, 10-3

No. 3: Dolzorek/Newchurch, Catholic, def. Hooper/Dustin Kelly, AHS, 10-8



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