The Albertville High School tennis program launched its 2013 season Tuesday by sweeping DAR at the Albertville Tennis Courts.

The Aggies won the boys and girls matches by identical 9-0 scores.

Singles results

No. 1, Will Siskey def. J. Helton, 10-1

No. 2, Jay Penney def. A. Helton, 10-0

No. 3, James Stack def. T. Helton, 10-1

No. 4, Trent Lynn def. M. Hamrick, 10-1

No. 5, Noah Campbell def. N. Helton, 10-1

No. 6, Dustin Kelly def. H. Rice, 10-1

Doubles results

No. 1, Siskey/Stack def. J. Helton/A. Helton, 10-3

No. 2, Penney/Lynn def. T. Helton/Hamrick, 10-0

No. 3, Campbell/Ty Woodruff def. N. Helton/T. Hornegay, 10-1


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